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Signage is a critical part of branding and marketing – it can determine how customers perceive your business and help draw in new customers. But what type of signage should you choose? This blog will explore different styles of signage, from classic to modern, so that you can decide which one is the best fit for your business. 

Signage is an essential component of any business, providing customers with clear and concise directions on how to find your store, or providing them with a positive first impression. In this blog, we'll take a look at the various types of signage that are available and how they can help you attract more customers or provide a professional look for your business. 

The Style of the signage 

There are a few different styles that signs can be: 

  1. Traditional or classic signs are the most common type of sign. They are usually made of wood or metal and have a simple, elegant design. 
  1. Rustic signs are becoming increasingly popular. They often feature a distressed or weathered look and are made of materials like wood or stone. 
  1. Modern signs are typically made of aluminum or acrylic and have a sleek, contemporary look. 
  1. Custom signs can be made to match any style, whether it’s traditional, rustic, modern, or something completely unique.

There are three main styles of signage - traditional, modern, and rustic. Traditional signage is often more ornate, with intricate designs and gold leaf lettering. Modern signage is sleek and simple, often making use of clean lines and minimalistic design. Rustic signage is often more natural, making use of wood or stone materials to create a more organic look. 

What are the three types of signs? 

There are three types of signs: directional, informational, and warning. Directional signs tell you where to go. They might have an arrow or a picture of where you’re going. Informational signs tell you about the place you’re in. They might have the hours of operation or the rules of the place. Warning signs tell you about danger. They might have a picture of a person falling or a stop sign. 

There are three general categories of signs: 

  1. Identification signs identify a business, product, service, or individual. They include things like company logos, product names, and job titles. 
  1. Instructional signs give information about how to do something or where to go. They might tell you how to operate a machine, what exit to take on the highway, or where the restrooms are located. 
  1. Warning signs alert you to potential danger. They might caution you about slippery floors, high voltages, or poisonous chemicals.